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A spiritual psychological practice
Matthijs Kamphoff
When, again, it's no coincidence
When you cannot follow yourself
When you want to know the 'whys'
Wondering at coincidence
'Jigsaw pieces' of yourself
A deeper understanding

'Coincidently' a total stranger brings to your
attention the book that will change your life

'Coincidently' you are late and miss your plane
... the very plane that will crash on that day

'Coincidently', somewhere far away, you find
that other one you've been searching for so long

'Coincidently' you lose your job and thereby
find the calling that gives meaning to your life

You'd love to make this great journey once,
but you always find a reason to postpone it

Actually, you never get angry, but today
you were almost at your boss's throat!

For years on end you're talking about marrying
each other, but you just can't find the right time

You have a good job and nice colleagues
... still you go to work reluctantly

All around you people are dying suddenly
... what is the meaning of this?

Shocked by another senseless massacre
you wonder: why do these things happen?

Since you met this special one, everything
falls into place ... could that be a sign?

Jack-of-all-trades, master of none ...
why can't you ever be succesful?

How could this stranger pop up in your life
with the message to read just that book?

You've narrowly escaped death ... but why?
Is there something in your life that's not 'ready'?

Who is this other one that you've finally found?
An 'old love'? Soulmate? Twin soul?

A small 'disaster' puts you on a new course
and you wonder at this little nudge

It's strange, but you never take this one, big step!
You don't seem to fear it, so what's holding you back?

How could you suddenly get so furious? What
kind of monster are you harbouring inside of you?

Why can't you really commit yourself to this love?
Something wrong with your partner? ... Or with you?

What has happened to 'enjoying your job'? Are you
on the wrong track? Or are you just being off-track?

Deaths all around you ... it makes you think:
life can be over in a second, and then ... what?

All these victims of senseless violence ...
are they trying to show us something?

If this love is meant to be, then who has
ordained it? God? Or your own souls?

If life isn't about working, then what? Is it about
learning? Or could there be a deeper meaning?
Information updated 23.11.2017