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From the work of this practice several publications have emerged over the years – articles as well as books – especially about the development of the soul. Recently the latest book in this series of publications has been translated into English: it is mentioned on top of the list.
The other items on the list (scroll down to see more) give an overview of the Dutch publications, using translated titles (in italics). For most of these items the original text can be viewed and printed out from the Dutch version of this website.
Feb 2016 Shadow Play
English edition of 'Schaduwspel', published in response to
the interest shown by the English Anthroposophical Community
Jan 2014 Shadow Play
Original Dutch edition: 'Schaduwspel'
Oct 2010 Searches of the Soul
Apr 2007 Lines of Life
Previously published entitled:
Old lives, new directions
Articles & Readers
About reincarnation
Dec 2014 Misunderstood Darkness
Sep 2011 Soul traces through time (2)
May 2011 Soul traces through time (1)
Oct 2009 The journey through darkness
Feb 2009 The hidden agenda of the soul
Sep 2008 Shadow Play – preliminary studies
Sep 2008 The Shadow Cycle
Jul 2008 When the shadow stirs
Oct 2007 Startled by your shadow
Jun 2000 Old lives, new directions
Oct 1999 Suffering as a lesson of life
Oct 1993 Are the dead really resting in peace?
About astrology and reincarnation
May 2014 Saturn and the long journey of the soul (reader)
Apr 2014 Saturn and the long journey of the soul (article)
Apr 2008 Saturn and the Lunar Nodes
Feb 2008 Examples 'Lines of Life'
Jun 1990 The Lunar Nodes and Saturn
About astrology
1987-1993 Astrological publications in journals & magazines
Apr 2017 There is more ...
Sep 2014 Concentration requires practice
Mar 2012 Reincarnation therapy in the spotlight
Aug 2007 Don't be afraid of life, not even when it hurts
Jun 1995 Reincarnation as a healing process