Searches Who? When? What? Why? Where from? Which way? Where?
In my practice I use a special form of regression therapy: an intuitive therapy that gets you access to the deepest, hidden layers of your consciousness and so allows you to 'go back in time', remembering things that you normally cannot remember or had forgotten. When this 'going back' is no longer restricted to the present life but also encompasses past lives, this therapy becomes 'reincarnation therapy' – and that is the core of my work.

In this kind of therapy you will first bring yourself in a state of relative relaxation – in order to reach those deeper layers of consciousness (also known as 'subconsciousness') – and then you push your active thoughts aside by focussing on body signals or reactions in your energy. Following those signals, you start looking (usually prompted by guided imagination) for the underlying experiences – not only in your present life and childhood, but before that as well. In this search I help you to find your way amidst all the images and emotions that come up, and I also help you to process these from an understanding of the development of your soul.

While working with this kind of therapy you are, by the way, fully 'awake': you always know what is happening and that is actually also an essential chacteristic of the therapy. After all, you are making a intuitive connection here between daily consciousness and subconsciousness, and this connection can only function well if the daily consciousness is indeed monitoring and controlling the process. It is precisely this special communication with the subconsciousness which helps you to process and understand what is going on deep down inside. Thus reincarnation therapy can become, from an intensely felt understanding of past lives, a key to deeper insight in your present 'self' and to fundamental growth processes in the here and now.