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  I was born in 1949 in The Hague, The Netherlands, as a first-born son – my father being a journalist and my mother a journalist and writer. When I was four, my parents divorced and I went with my father and a new mother, also from the Guild of the Written Word: a librarian.
As a child I was fascinated by physics and chemistry and I tinkered with self-built radio's. In high school I was gripped by math and science but by languages and history as well. Gradually, I also developed a close interest for the phenomenon 'human being', for its drives and for its place in the universe. In the end I chose humanities, signing up for an academic study of psychology, starting in 1967 – later on getting a taste of mental health care, but actually not yet ready for that. Switching to the field of educational innovation, I found my first focus on society. In that sector I also found my first job, at an innovation project in Amsterdam – and this was followed by some more jobs in that field. After a while, though, it dawned on me that there was another calling which I had better not ignore.

The turnaround came in 1984: an intermediate job in psychological consultancy took me back to my interest in people as individuals. Meanwhile this interest was accompanied by an increasing fascination with 'alternative' approaches, for instance: astrology. Thus the perspective of a psychological-astrological counseling practice came into view and this practice gradually took shape. Counseling developed to guidance, by means of conversation therapy. Adding relaxation therapy often proved necessary as a first step and this was the beginning of energy work, about which I learned much myself but also got some training from the field of 'intuitive development'. Besides this, I discovered hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for digging up and processing hidden experiences, which – after my training as a hypnotherapist – opened new doors for me in the therapeutic field. So, during this period, I gradually moved from insight-orientated work (especially through astrology) to a more profound therapeutic approach.

Following this run-up I first went public with this work in a freelance practice in 1989. After several years of growth and deepening of this practice, also my need for cooperation with colleagues and other therapists was growing. In my contacts with fellow psychologists I paid special attention to the connection between regular and innovating aspects of the psychological profession. In my cooperation with 'alternative' therapists – especially reiki-therapists – I found important additions to my own practice. Also I intensively cooperated, in the years 1999-2006, with a group of physical and occupational therapists in setting up and carrying out reintegration projects for workers suffering from long term illness.

Besides my practice I have from the outset found an important sideline in writing articles and books, as a reflection of the experiences and insights that this practice brought along. Especially in the years 2008-2014, during which the size of my practice was strongly reduced by the economic crisis, I found more room for this writing, specifically about reincarnation and the development of the soul. From these focus areas I still work part-time as a therapist since 2012, aiming now particularly at guiding those who are searching for a deeper insight.