Searches Who? When? What? Why? Where from? Which way? Where?
'Searches between Self and Soul' dates back to 1984, the year in which I started a psychological-astrological practice in the east of the Netherlands – initially as a sideline besides a regular job in psychological consultancy, but quite soon evolving to a freelance practice that had going on more than consultancy alone. By and by, also energy work and hypnotherapy were falling into place and with this choice of guidance tools the practice, having moved to Zoetermeer in 1986, officially went public there in 1989.

In this practice the therapeutic side of the work got more and more prominent, while the astrological side moved into the background. That development was taken further in 1993, when the practice widened its scope by starting a close cooperation in the border area between psychotherapy and chakra therapy, which one year later offically took shape in a general partnership called 'Psychotherapy and Healing'. In 2003 though, the practice became a one-man shop again and entered in looser forms of cooperation, particularly with reiki-therapists.

In the meantime my practice, primarily working for private clients, had since 1999 developed a secondary activity in the field of reintegration into the labour market – this being the result of contacts with a group of physical therapists. The cooperation with this group, in which occupational therapists were involved as well, took shape in the period 2002-2006. Although this cooperation was discontinued thereafter, I incidently still kept involved with activities in this field.

From these broader working relations of my practice also grew the need of a more clear-cut profile: a practice that has more to offer but keeps its feet on the ground and does not deny its psychological roots. In 2004 this profile was eventually proclaimed by changing the name of the practice to 'Psycho-Plus'.

The activities of this practice were primarily concentrated – after its initial move to Zoetermeer – in the region of The Hague. While in 2005, because of a new move to Zutphen, a second location was established in that town, in 2010 this location was closed and the practice fully returned to the region of The Hague again.

Meanwhile the size of my practice – influenced by both the economic crisis and the diminishing reimbursements of health care costs – was shrinking, until eventually the enterprise 'Psycho-Plus' had to be closed. The actual work, however, had not thereby totally vanished yet and even now the core activities of this practice are still being continued part-time, after a final move to Utrecht and under the new name of 'Searches between Self and Soul'.